Legacy steel driveway edging is the strongest form of steel edging available on the market. Made from 5mm solid steel, this product is a fantastic way to edge driveways and pathways. We can supply only,  or install using our skilled teams. We support developers, builders, local authorities, landscape architects and private individuals. The lengths are simply bolted together using joining plates. The lengths are then installed and secured at 1m intervals using 400mm long steel pins. Legacy Metal driveway edging can form gentle sweeping Radiuses of over 10m radius. Any tighter than this and we pre-bend the lengths in the workshop, creating wonderful sweeping landscape features. Here you can see our shoed Legacy edging, this is ideal when the finished levels havent been acheived and other works still need to continue.

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Legacy steel Driveway edging provides a strong and cost effective border to your drive. Once all the levels have been determined our teams of skilled fitters will work with you to establish your new edging.Legacy edging can flow round gentle corners with tighter bends being pre-bent in the workshop. A narrow shallow trench is dug, atleast half of the edging should be underground, solidly held by the 400mm welded pins. Once the Legacy edging has been fitted more type 1 is backfilled on the drive side and tamped down using a wacker plate / roller. The backfilling of the outside edge provides an excellent opportunity to landscape and level the land beyond the driveway. 

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