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Wednesday, 26 July 2017 11:00

Steel Lawn Edging for The National Trust

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Overtime lawns and pathway edges can get damaged. This can be through over zealous manual edging using a spade or edging spade. This removes soil and lawn material and erodes the edge of the lawn. It looks worse on what should have been a straight edge. This erosion can be exacerbated by vehicle damage and the general use of heavy mowers - effectively squashing the lawn into the drive or pathway. Our Legacy solid steel edging is simple to install and provides a long lasting, durable edging that holds back the lawn - reducing on going mainteneance. Once the edging has been installed there will be some back filling and landscaping work to the eroded edge which should be finished off with high quality seed or turf. Soon all will be back to how it should look.

Tuesday, 01 November 2016 16:11

Legacy Steel Pathway Edging

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Legacy Steel Driveway edging forms the strongest edging between lawns and drives /pathways. The 5mm thick solid steel edging is fully welded and back pinned. Here you see redefined, parallell, sharpened pathways awaiting a final topping of Breedon Self Binding Gravel. This product is a great favourite of Landscape Designers and Architects and can be seen in many Natonal Trust properties and Stately Homes. Unlike normal gravel the self binding nature of this aggregate ensures that it is virtually maintenance free.

Friday, 16 September 2016 08:23

Traditional Lawn Edging to intricate topiary garden

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It was a real pleasure to go back and visit one of the large lawn edging projects that we completed early in the spring. We were able to help bring to life this classically inspired new topiary garden, our leagacy solid lawn eding provides crisp sharp lines to the pathways, we used our 100mm high 3mm legacy solid steel edging, our edges give structure and direction to the design leading the eye forward through the garden, the corner conical box stand out with exact 270 degree pre rolled edging rings. The edging has now now fully matured to its weathered finish. How wonderful to play a part in such an inspiring landscape.

Tuesday, 07 June 2016 15:43

Flowing Lines with Legacy Steel Drive Edging

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Legacy steel driveway edging is the strongest form of steel edging available on the market. Made from 5mm solid steel, this product is a fantastic way to edge driveways and pathways. We can supply only,  or install using our skilled teams. We support developers, builders, local authorities, landscape architects and private individuals. The lengths are simply bolted together using joining plates. The lengths are then installed and secured at 1m intervals using 400mm long steel pins. Legacy Metal driveway edging can form gentle sweeping Radiuses of over 10m radius. Any tighter than this and we pre-bend the lengths in the workshop, creating wonderful sweeping landscape features. Here you can see our shoed Legacy edging, this is ideal when the finished levels havent been acheived and other works still need to continue.

Monday, 27 July 2015 14:26

Preparing a drive for legacy Steel Edging

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Legacy steel Driveway edging provides a strong and cost effective border to your drive. Once all the levels have been determined our teams of skilled fitters will work with you to establish your new edging.Legacy edging can flow round gentle corners with tighter bends being pre-bent in the workshop. A narrow shallow trench is dug, atleast half of the edging should be underground, solidly held by the 400mm welded pins. Once the Legacy edging has been fitted more type 1 is backfilled on the drive side and tamped down using a wacker plate / roller. The backfilling of the outside edge provides an excellent opportunity to landscape and level the land beyond the driveway. 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014 17:04

Legacy edging a cost effective solution to driveway edging

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Legacy Driveway edging can be used with all driveway materials including gravel,pebbles, tarmac and stone. The edging is secured using large solid steel pins driven into the ground.This produce the sturdiest of edging at a fraction of the cost of kerb set stones. Here we see a neat divide between the resin bonded gravel driveway and the traditional 5 rail Burgley wrought iron fence.The newly planted mature beech hedge adds privacy to the private garden beyond.

Friday, 04 July 2014 17:01

Legacy Edging for Driveways

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Traditional lawn edging is a great choice for driveways. Our Legacy Edging comes in a variety of thicknesses with the 5mm version being most suitable for driveways, this creates a very sturdy edge and can tolerate everyday abuse expected from todays couriers. Installing your new steel edging can give you the opportunity to redefine the line of the driveway, so often driveways move and nows your chance to get them straightened out. This will result in a clean crisp edge to your driveway. The picture shows this well, with the driveway now having a more formal appearance, ably finished with a Burghley 4 rail Traditional Estate Fence nicely separating the driveway from the woodland area beyond. A blind of gravel and some grass seed away from being sorted.
Monday, 23 September 2013 07:46

Creating a small front garden

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Small areas in your garden can often cause more issues than large ones. They are too small to mow sensibly and seem to be all edge. Here is one solution, the garden was centralised around a large Urn with our Legacy Steel edging retaining a narrow shingle pathway, all very square and symmetrical. This Northamptonshire Garden was completed with a short length of Burghley 5 rail Traditional Estate fencing ending with a 75mm corner post and round finial - Proper Job !

Monday, 09 September 2013 22:58

Legacy Steel edging for the perfect edge

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Legacy Steel Edging creates a natural edge to your lawn. This keeps the edge of the lawn from collapsing and keeps the pathway or beds where they should be. This can be a real headached and takes considerable of time and effort to repair. Straight Lawn edges are an intrinsic part of the Classic English Lawn. Legacy Steel Edging is allowed to rust naturally and melts into the garden landscape in a very attractive way. This style of edging is the edging of choice in many of our Classic Country Houses. The lawn can be cut up to and over the Legacy edging ensuring a perfect one pass finish. Legacy Edging comes in 3 thicknesses and covers all situations including driveways. It can be supplied in bare metal form, for you to install yourselves or can be installed by our experienced team of fitters.


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